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First REGISTER, then LOGIN. Next JOIN the world you want to play on (usually the first world is the best).

You are playing now. At the right you see various bars, the most important are HP (Hit Points, your health, if goes to 0 you will need to revive in TEMPLE which might cost a lot, remember to HEAL before this happen) and ADVENTURES (the amount of DUNGEON 'actions' you can make, this replenishes over time).

First, go to SHOP and buy some weapon and armor, next go to ADVENTURE / DUNGEON. Explore the dungeon until you run out of adventures. You can also visit TOWN to use various services.

Once you become stronger, go to DRAGON'S LAIR to rescue the princess (you can rescue the princess many times, everytime it will be more difficult, you can make it easier by collecting part of crystal armor).

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